SATC Purpose and Mission

The South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) is committed to achieving $8 billion in tourism expenditure potential by 2020. The SATC’s purpose is to work with industry to deliver marketing, events and development programs that support tourism growth. Based in Adelaide, the vibrant capital of South Australia, the organisation works closely with representatives in the 11 key regions of the state to promote the state’s tourism assets.

Flinders Chase National Park Flinders Chase National Park

Tourism is big business in South Australia, creating work for South Australians and offering strong prospects for long-term growth. More than five million visitors spend more than 28 million nights in South Australia each year.

Tourism currently employs more than 30,000 South Australians and is worth more than $5 billion to the South Australian economy. Tourism is of vital importance because much of the economic benefit it brings to the state flows to regional communities, many of which are reliant on tourism dollars for a healthy regional economy.

The SATC productively markets the state’s tourism product intrastate, interstate and internationally to ensure that South Australia is a compelling part of any Australian holiday. It concentrates on developing the state’s competitive strengths – vibrant Adelaide, food and wine, festivals and events, and accessible nature.

The SATC also works with regional tourism bodies to ensure that every region is included in its marketing and development work.

The SATC secures, manages and sponsors major events that revitalise the economy and build community spirit. It also works to attract investment, develop strategic tourism assets and works with tourism businesses to see the industry mature. Successful leadership in policy reform underpins all of the SATC’s aims.

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