Strategic Plans

The South Australian tourism industry has a strategic framework consisting of national, state, and regional strategies. The South Australian Tourism Commission’s (SATC) strategies link with national and state 2020 strategies, regional strategies and correlate with specific actions in regional Destination Action Plans.

South Australian Tourism Plan 2020

South Australian Tourism Plan 2020 South Australian Tourism Plan 2020

The South Australian Tourism Plan 2020 fits within the Australia-wide approach of Tourism 2020. This Plan is focussed on achieving the South Australian tourism industry’s full potential of $8.0b of visitor expenditure by 2020, which would generate nearly 10,000 additional direct jobs in the South Australian economy.

This is a plan for the whole tourism industry, from solo operators right through to major businesses, associations and all levels of Government. It takes the broadest possible scope, recognising many types of businesses are part of the visitor experience.

South Australian Tourism Plan 2020

SATC Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan 2018-2020 SATC Corporate Plan

This Corporate Plan outlines the role of the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) over the next three years to activate the key drivers of the tourism industry’s growth. It draws from the insights, economic outlook and direction described in the South Australian Tourism Plan 2020 and describes the practical actions of the SATC to achieve the vision in the plan.

SATC Corporate Plan FY 2018-2020

Tourism 2020

Tourism Australia’s national long term tourism strategy is “Tourism 2020”.

Economic Priorities

With Adelaide consistently rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities, our Mediterranean climate, increasingly busy events calendar and unique landscape – it’s no wonder more people are visiting our beautiful state.

Destination Action Plans

Destination Action Plans (DAPs) are outcome-focussed plans that outline specific projects that will return maximum tourism growth within a particular region. Projects cover development, marketing and event-based activities and have been developed in conjunction with Regional Tourism Organisations.

Regional strategies

While the SATC does not itself create regional tourism plans, these plans are considered when developing our Destination Action Plans. Most regions have strategic tourism plans developed in a program beginning in 2005.

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