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The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information on Australia.

You can easily create a listing for your accommodation, event, food & drink offering, and more, for free! These then appear on and other tourism websites.

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ATDW-Online - FAQs


What is the ATDW?

The ATDW is Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information on Australia. It is a database of information about Australian tourism product including accommodation, tours, attractions, restaurants, car hire and events. The database holds information such as business description, photos, contact details, opening hours and indicative pricing. It is owned by all State and Territory Government Tourism Organisations and Tourism Australia, and used to provide product listings on respective websites, as well as provide information to other tourism related websites.

Why should I have a listing on ATDW?

An ATDW listing for your business will provide valuable exposure. Your listing will feature on, which is owned and operated by the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC). It will also feature on Tourism Australia’s website,, as well as other distributors which can be found on the ATDW website.These websites may engage in digital marketing activity from time to time which as a result, can influence increased exposure to ATDW listings.   

Is there a cost involved?

There is no cost to list your business on the ATDW in South Australia and it is free to have your information featured on

How do I list my business on ATDW?First, check that your business does not already have a listing. Visit and navigate to the top right corner of the homepage to search for your listing. 

If you cannot find your business listing on you will need to register your business on ATDW.

How to register for ATDW:

Visit ATDW website to access the Online Platform, or the direct link:

Remember to save your log in details so you don’t forget them! If you do, you can easily recover your password.

Your username is the email address you signed up with (usually your main address personally or for your business). You can then click ‘Forgot password?’ to reset your password.

Which category do I create my listing in?

Make sure you create your business listing in the correct category when choosing a listing type. For example, if you are listing an event, you will need to select Event. If you are listing a Visitor Information Centre, you will need to select Information service.

Each listing type has different requirements so it is important that you select the correct listing.

If need to change the category of your listing, you will need to create a new listing in the correct listing type. You can copy over any information from.

Why won’t my photos save?

ATDW image requirements are for photos for your listing that are representative of the listing and contain little to no text.

The minimum size required is 2048x1536 pixels, and no larger than 10mb.

You can find photos that may be suitable for your listing on South Australian Tourism Commission’s Media Gallery

How to update your ATDW-Online listing with new and larger images

ATDW-Online - Questions and answers

How do I reset my password?

Your ATDW log in details include the email address that you registered with (usually the primary email address for your business) and a password that you select.

If you forget your password, you can click ‘Forgot password?’ on the login page to reset this. You will then receive an email containing a temporary password for you to use to log in then change your password.

If this does not work, you can email for assistance.

How do I send my listing for review if I receive an error message?

Read the description of the error and review your listing to find where you may be able to fix this. Once you fix this, you will be able to ‘Send for Review’ so that your listing can be published.If you are unable to find why the error is occurring, please take a screen shot of the error message, and send this to with some information about your issue.

How often do I need to check and update my listing?

It is best practice to regularly review and update your ATDW listing, especially if any details related to your business change. It is important to keep your listing information accurate, up to date, interesting and appealing to engage tourist interest.It is also important to check that your photos are up to date and the correct size.

Who can I contact for help?

You can contact the South Australian Tourism Commission via email at

Please send any questions, screen shots to visually depict any issue, and describe what it is that you need assistance with.

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