Specialised Research

The South Australian Tourism Commission periodically conducts strategic research projects. Please refer to examples below for more information.

India Strategy - 2020

SATC India Strategy SATC India Strategy

India is one of the world’s fastest growing outbound travel markets and the SATC’s India Strategy - 2020 aims to ensure that the opportunity of the Indian outbound market is fully realised.



SATC India Strategy - 2020 (3MB)

Activating China – 2020

SATC_CHINA_Strategy China Strategy 2020

China is one of the largest and fastest growing of all inbound markets to Australia. The South Australian Tourism Commission’s Activating China – 2020 strategy, launched in February 2013, illustrates the current Chinese visitation patterns. It outlines the six key focus areas to triple Chinese visitation to South Australia by 2020.


SATC - Activating China - full report 2013 (1.70mb)
SATC Activating China - snapshot 2013 (2.58mb)


Nature-based tourism

nature-based Nature like nowhere else

A strategy and action plan to boost nature-based tourism in South Australia has been finalised and is now available to the public.

The goal is to increase expenditure by $345 million per annum and generate a further 1000 jobs. This is aligned to the State Government’s economic priority 5, which aims to make South Australia a growing destination of choice for international and domestic travellers.

The plan was prepared with valuable advice from the tourism industry, Traditional Owners, Local Government, Non-Government Organisations, Friends of Parks and interested community members. These groups initially expressed their views and aspirations during a series of workshops and online. Members of the public were also invited to comment on the draft plan over a one month period that saw more than 300 submissions and survey responses.

View the strategy: 'Nature like nowhere else. Activating nature-based tourism in South Australia'

View the action plan: 'Nature like nowhere else. An action plan for the activation of South Australia's nature-based tourism sector'

For further information visit www.environment.sa.gov.au

Events: Drivers of Regional Tourism

This research delivers an understanding of the motivation to attend regional events, and the impact these events have on regional visitation. It is broad ranging in that it does not look at specific events or locations, rather it focuses on categories of events, aiming to inform the development, investment and marketing of regional events.

Get Social and Improve your Event

This report covers the broad learnings from successful event marketing, and provides insight into the development, planning and implementation of communication strategies with a focus on low cost and social media options. An e-toolkit that is a user friendly, educational resource for smaller, resource/budget conscious regional event organisers has also been produced.

The role of Regional Visitor Information Centres in the distribution of tourism product

The second stage of a two-part research project investigating the impact and role of regional VICs to the South Australian tourism industry, and in particular, the role regional VICs can play in the sale and promotion of tourism product.

The impacts of Regional Visitor Information Centres on visitor behaviour

The first stage of a two-part research project, looking at visitor behaviour as a result of visiting a VIC. Impacts are assessed on expenditure levels, average length of stay, the number of activities undertaken, visitor expectations and behaviour while at the VIC.

Barossa Gap Audit

The Barossa Product Gap Audit investigates current tourism products and infrastructure in the Barossa to determine what needs to be done to accommodate future visitor growth for the region. This involved detailed analysis of the region’s visitor statistics and tourism products, as well as consultation with those on the ground in order to understand what the key challenges are for tourism over the next 20 years.

International Dispersal in SA and NT

A joint study between the SATC and Tourism NT looking into the dispersal of international visitors from the UK, Europe and the USA throughout the NT and SA.

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